Hello everyone, no I haven’t disappeared…  I have been researching how to leverage Social Media.  Before I outline (and tweak) my Social Media strategy, I will attempt to outline some Social Media basics. (I’ll try to simplify this, as best I can.)

Social Media is an umbrella or catch-all term combining Social (interaction) with different types of Media (communication). Social Media is all about combining technology (internet & mobile tools and online spaces) with social interaction & communication practises. Both the tools and the practise (methods and discipline) are necessary to interact and communicate.

I tend to think of technology as the enabler. The tools are designed to create (or capture) and deliver content through social interaction. The tool set is a bit of a hodgepodge… but the favourites are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and personal Blogs.

On the other hand, the “practise” is left to an individual. The sharing of content (knowledge, opinions, experience, etc.) may morph into a discussion, debate or collaboration. This sharing takes discipline and commitment.

The bottom line here is Social Media is all about content (and) sharing. However, Social Media differs from sharing news and views via industrial mass media (such as printed newspapers, radio or television). It does not require significant resources to create and “broadcast/publish”: anyone can participate with little or no investment of money. You just need to think of yourself as a journalist, as my friend, Joel Mark Witt says. (Check out Joel’s awesome website dedicated to making social media understandable and easy.)

Social Media is changing the way companies: market, monitor and manage customer satisfaction, network, recruit and much more… It is also changing the way we: get hired, get paid for referrals, lobby for change, make buying decisions, monitor our children’s social network, and much more…

If we don’t learn how to harness Social Media personally and professionally, we’ll be left behind. I’ve already started my journey to learn how to leverage Social Media, how about you?

Don’t be left behind: Think like a reporter… and go and report!

Until next time… I have to go and post some pictures on Facebook!