As I mentioned in my first posting about Social Media, it is all about CONTENT. People are creating or capturing and sharing LOTS of content: descriptions, ratings, reviews, recommendations, pictures, videos: You name it, it is being created.

While the tools (i.e. technology) are the enabler, the more difficult aspect of Social Media is on the practise side. There are 3 different aspects (OR STAGES) on the practise side of social media that you need to consider:

Listening: Observing what people are talking about, photographing or video graphing will put you in touch with finding common trends in your industry/marketplace. This way you can spot opportunities or problems and be relevant in online or in person discussions. As a business you’ll want to “keep your ear to the ground” to listen for things that will impact the reputation of your business. The great thing is that all entries are indexed on the internet and therefore they are searchable.

Creating, Curating or Capturing Content: Contributing content may take the form of writing prose, posting descriptions, creating video, sharing ratings or comments. You need to think of yourself as a journalist and realize that you are not limited to one type of media. This is how you create your “brand” and promote your business, your ideas and your products. If you don’t have time to create an article from scratch you can curate: write a  ‘review’ or express a view on the work of others, whether it be a blog post, presentation, video, etc.

Collaborating:  Many say you have to use it (collaboration) to understand it.  Collaboration  is all about partaking in groups, discussions, offering valuable advice and content. Also, helping others positions you to ask for help, advice or opinions. Some say this, working together, is the most powerful part of Social Media. Collaborating, establishes you in a community: a community where everyone contributes and helps each other increases your effectiveness and efficiency.

In order to develop a strategy for yourself, you need to consider those different aspects of Social Media. For each tool set in your repertoire consider how you are going to:

  • listen,
  • create, curate or capture content,
  • contribute (via collaboration).

Your strategy may start by initially concentrating on listening and then ramping up your commitment from there.

Don’t delay, get started…