I know I haven’t outlined my Social Media strategy for you, but I’m anxious to share a few experiences and my first impressions.

Firstly, my initial thoughts about learning about Social Media, “Wow, it is so easy to get distracted!” There are so many pictures I want to share, there are so many things I want to write about, but I want to check out what my friends and colleagues are doing, posting and talking about.

LinkedIn was my first entry into using Social Media. I find it is easier to remain focused on LinkedIn, as it is everyone’s professional space; it is where you share your professional image. LinkedIn is very straightforward to use. Sharing your resume, education and other business related information is only part of what LinkedIn can do for you. It is also easy to “link” to friends and business colleagues. The more difficult part of LinkedIn is having the discipline to continue to build your professional network while keeping your professional image fresh (by updating your status, building your recommendations and becoming active in professional communities/groups).

After I set myself up on LinkedIn, I started watching others Blog. It took awhile to set up my initial blog as I was concerned that it was graphically appealing. (I compare this to food, as I believe food should be visually appealing… i.e. you eat with your eyes.) I also wanted to customize the base template with some graphics or pictures that were my own. I decided that a picture that my husband took in Newfoundland captured the feeling of a “new beginning”.  My initial blog entries were experiments and just text.  I felt that my entries weren’t visually appealing enough. So, when the Vancouver 2010 Olympics started I decided to share some Olympic thoughts and experiment with adding pictures, links and YouTube videos.

Finally, it was time to FACE Facebook. My initial Facebook experience was just listening, watching and exploring. (I still don’t understand the Farmville “thing”.)  I wanted to see what pictures were posted and what comments were passed. Inspired by the Olympics, I edited and uploaded a number of ‘best of’ pictures of the Torch Relay.  I couldn’t download the application to easily upload the pictures, but using the basic capability I was able to upload 5 pictures at a time. I spent a lot of time organizing the uploading the pictures in a sequence that made sense. (Later I discovered that Facebook is user friendly enough to allow you to reorganize the pictures.) In addition, I did set up an additional page in Facebook for my business: Cauley & Associates.  When I set up that page, I was concerned about a professional image and designed a logo. I asked my Facebook friends to become fans of this new page. (I’ll elaborate on fan pages in the future.)

My final thought is the same as my initial thought: “Wow, it is so easy to get distracted!”  My advice to everyone is: make sure you are disciplined and committed.

Until next time…


Flickr Creative Commons Image by Romeo66