(This is a perfect example of curation. I found an awesome video and I’m giving you my ‘review’. )

I love to deconstruct a concept to simplify it.  It is amazing how a simpler view will be so much easier to understand. And that is something the folks at Common Craft are masters at.

I found an interesting Common Craft video:  “Social Media in Plain English”. They brilliantly use analogy to illustrate some of the more common “features” and benefits of Social Media while they reinforce some of the aspects of Social Media.

They point out that as Social Media is affordable ANYONE can participate: large business, small business or individuals with ideas on any subject. Then the CONTENT can develop it’s own following.

What I love the most about this video is how they describe the notion of “feedback”. They use the analogy of feedback boards to illustrate how content/products can be described (i.e. tagged), rated, and how you can leave comments/messages for others.

They go on to explain this ‘new way to work’, (i.e. collaboration), with customers transforms customers into advocates and advisors (quality control, business development…).

In addition, the indexability of the content, (with tags), gives you the ability to help find the new, the popular or the content that is of interest to you (and many Social Media tools have features to assist these “searches”. )

What do you think: does having a simpler view of Social Media help you understand it?