No, I haven’t disappeared.I was taking some online courses. The courses (and some lessons learned) that I’ll tell you about today relate to content marketing. Had I known these lessons, I would have saved myself a lot of time. I’ll also point you to a few remarkable resources, if you are so inclined to learn more.


It is all about content. We are all creating it.

Why? To get our story told or to sell an idea or a product.

So, we really are MARKETING our content, whether we are sales people or not.


Here are a few quotes from the content marketing course I took from Copyblogger:

“Content drives the Internet, and consumers are looking for information that solves a problem, not immediate sales pitches.”

“Content Marketing is a broad term that relates to creating and freely sharing informative content as a means of converting prospects into customers and customers into repeat buyers ….”


Let’s say this different way: you are trying to create a relationship, build trust and create a loyal “fan club” (repeat subscribers or buyers). In order to do that, Copyblogger’s advice is:

  1. Your content needs to solve a problem & be entertaining , AND
  2. You need to never take yourself seriously: so be yourself and write like you were having a conversation.

So, really it can be YOUR content with YOUR personality showing through, but it really has to be centered on YOUR AUDIENCE: give THEM value and the odd laugh. If you keep giving them value they will be your loyal fan (or customer) base.

ASK YOURSELF: What Content Am I Marketing?

In the beginning I created a lot of content with no real purpose in mind (only to learn a bit more about blogging). But now it is time to get more focused.

I took the advice from Copyblogger’s “How to Build a Better Blog” article was, everyone needs to use a strong About Me, page.

My rewritten About Me page now answers the questions:

  • Why would someone want to read my blog? (i.e. do I have any expertise?)
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What value can I bring? (i.e. what problems am I trying to solve?)
  • Why it is important to them?

I think my reworked page does a better job at addressing what you, my audience, would want to know before you subscribe to my blog; however, what do you think:

  • Do you have any suggestions on how my About Me page could be stronger at selling the value of subscribing to my blog?
  • If you are my target demographic, what problems are you facing?
  • What questions would you like answered?

All comments and suggestions are welcome.


To recap,  you should:

    1. Ensure your ‘About Me’ page compels the reader to stay by clearly stating WHAT your subject is and WHO you are writing for.
    2. Create compelling content that has value (and is entertaining)… and ‘lighten’ up: don’t be too serious!

      Remember, it is really ALL ABOUT THE AUDIENCE, not about you.

      Thanks for reading. I suggest you check out the resources listed below.


      Copyblogger has some great free self-study courses and articles that I have talked about:

      Another really great Content Marketing class is available from Sonia Simone from Remarkable Communication. She is a marketer for people who hate marketing. Sign up for her free Content Marketing course. It will be delivered to you via an auto-responder (which sends you email installments every few days). It’s truly remarkable… No pun intended.