Inspiration for blogging comes from everywhere. Today a yellow car inspired me to reinvent a number of blog posts regarding social media.

And I don’t even know what that yellow car looked like!

The car was part of a conversation. And the conversation, like a car, weaved in and out of ‘blogging’.

I have a series of questions that I ask people when they tell me they are blogging. Now, I didn’t ‘shoot off’ these questions like a Gatling Gun; rather, these questions were weaved into the conversation.

“Why are you blogging?”

There are lots of answers to this question: to build an online presence, to practice writing, to share expertise, to build a brand or (ultimately) to sell some products or services; however, some people can’t answer this question.

Blogging is a commitment: a HUGE commitment of time and effort. If you are going to blog, you need to think through what your goals are. After all, your goals may be more accomplishable on another social media platform.

“Who is your audience?”

I believe everything should start with your audience: if you are a teacher, a writer, a reporter, a sales person AND especially if you are a blogger.

I’ve written an article about why you should be audience centered (although it is aimed at people new to teaching, the lessons are applicable to blogging).

“When are you blogging/How often are you blogging?”

Many serious bloggers create a calendar of posts and schedule topics. I try to do that and create articles on a consistent basis but sometimes I have writer’s block: serious writer’s block.

I’ve found that some of my best articles have been inspired by ordinary life. One article, “Learning Teaching ‘Techniques’ from Domestic Appliances: What You can Learn from your Washing Machine”, was one that was inspired by the humorous use of my washing machine by one of my boys. It was so easy to write… I outlined the situation and then related all the lessons learned back to the teaching/training ‘world’ as that is the primary focus of my blog. (Incidentally, my boys are on another one of these camping trips, so I may have more antidotes or ammunition in a few days.)


If you are blogging, you need to post compelling material on a consistent basis. In order to help you do that,  I’ve assembled some advice and some pointers to some resources in my ‘New to Social Media?’ page.


Today, my conversation with a new colleague in a networking venue started on a more personal basis. We discussed our hobbies, vacations, families and yes, our vehicles.  His was: bright yellow! His personality, like his vehicle, was outgoing and noticeable. So, it didn’t surprise me at all that he was very curious about the ‘ins and outs’ of blogging…

How could I not share my knowledge? The material was there: I only had to re-invent it (by organizing it).

Let me know if  my experiences with social media and blogging have given you a ‘jump start’ . Please comment below.


Flickr Creative Commons Image by ffrade