Reflect, Remember and Respect.

We can never Repay them

or their Families for their ultimate Sacrifice.

In Canada, our fallen soldiers make their final journey home down a 172 km stretch of highway from the Trenton Air Base to the coroner’s office in Toronto. A few years back, this stretch of highway was named ‘THE HIGHWAY OF HEROES’.

Each time the Media reports that we’ve lost another Canadian soldier, Canadians drape the overpass bridges with¬† Canadian flags. Regardless of the weather, (and it does get cold in Canada), Canadians stand along the highway and on overpasses and wait for the repatriation convoy so that they may pay their respects to our fallen.

This outpouring of respect is a comfort to the families accompanying their loved ones on their last homecoming.

This ‘quiet patriotism’ inspired Bob Reid, a communications specialist, to write the song ‘Highway of Heroes’ commemorating our fallen soldiers who travel this road home. Here is the link for more about this song. Proceeds from the song go to help our wounded soldiers, so please consider downloading the song or donating to the cause.

The lyrics and images are quite touching, so you may want to grab a Kleenex. (I warned you!)

Not only did Bob Reid write a song, but the famous Canadian group the Trews also recorded a song with the net proceeds going to the Canadian Hero Fund.

So on November 11th, Remembrance Day:

REMEMBER our Fallen


Thank The VETERANS who Served

and Our SOLDIERS who lay their lives on the line for Freedom.



Flickr Creative Commons Images by: macattacer and strongman76