I can’t believe 2010 is over! It seems like yesterday that I watched the 2010 fireworks… and then started my social media journey in earnest. While the trip has not been straight forward, all the detours have been well worth it and they’ve been lessons in themselves.

This is a quick look back at the highlights of my blogging journey: what you thought was interesting and what I consider to be some top pieces of work (including a few favourite photos from others).

Before I share some highlights, I would like to thank all my subscribers and readers. I appreciate the comments, feedback and accolades… AND I am THRILLED that you appreciate the humour I try to weave into my posts. As you are a big part of my journey, please continue to let me know if there is anything specific that you would like me to write about in 2011.

Now for what you thought was ‘hot’ in 2010…

Top Attractions

Statistically speaking, here are some of my ‘top results’ according to the accountant-types at WordPress. I am narrowing down the field to the 2 most popular categories and blog post (articles).


  • New to Social Media? provides an overview some key aspects of social media with some realistic hints and tips on how to successfully start blogging.
  • New to Teaching? presents some helpful background to subject matter experts who are new to developing and delivering training material (regardless of the delivery vehicle).


Personal Favourites


While I liked the content that my readers enjoyed, I thought a few other blog posts were worthy of some recognition:


That same Team Teaching/’Mutiny’ posting used the picture to the left: my personal favourite photo for the year.

When I was looking for an intriguing picture for that blog post, I found Shane Gorski‘s  photostream. His pirate portfolio was outstanding and I found a few other photos that  inspired me to write other blog posts which I’ve organized into a (pirate) series on Team Teaching.

Chuck Burgess (aka CB Photography) is another talented photographer. I was lucky to find his photo shown on the right… I wanted something really colourful, really graphic, really punchy for my What Trainers can Learn from an Art Show post.

I strive to find images that are very graphic,  very pleasing and very compelling. I consider the graphic component of the images is  be part of the a ‘brand’ that I have developed for this blog.

What do YOU THINK?

We’ve heard from the statisticians and you have my view. What do you think? What was your favourite blog post, category or picture?

“All the Best” to you and yours for the upcoming year.

Thanks for stopping by,


Car Mirror Image: Flickr Creative Commons Image by WTL Photos