This is the sign that started it all. Per a previous blog post I was amazed at  how the description of poison ivy on this sign was somewhat ambiguous, especially when the sign was set back from the trail with lots of green bushes in-between. For me, the experience illustrated an important lesson for trainers: different learning styles.


Over a month had passed and I was hiking on a different trail and came across that same sign. This time I could safely get close enough to take a picture.


But it seems poison ivy always teaches a lesson…



That’s it, a simple lesson for the day: Update your material (even when you are on vacation).

Until next time, happy hiking…


Special Additional Notes about poison ivy:

  • Notice young poison ivy leaves are reddish NOT green (and this isn’t the Fall),
  • Don’t touch or pet your dogs: they may have come in contact with poison ivy,
  • Wash (with soap and water) your hands and any skin that may have come in contact with poison ivy.