Everywhere I look there is something that inspires me to share my insights on teaching, training and enabling staff to execute their role more effectively.

Take for example my Rose of Sharon bush. While the blossoms are spectacular there are plenty of buds just waiting to bloom. How will they unfold? What will the bush’s branch then look like?

So I’m ready to say:  “The Sabbatical is OVER!”

I’m working on a number of entries for this blog from: on-boarding to enablement with a bit of pragmatic advice about how to gather, assess and action feedback. Most topics require additional research to present a balanced viewpoint, so I can’t just crank out the posts all at once…

In order to prioritize what I publish, please take the quick poll below. It is helpful to understand what challenges you face or what topics are of the most interest to YOU.

Thanks for your interest! Until next time…