Cauley and Associates

The area of ‘Communications’ can be complicated and confusing: When does Marketing become Sales? What is the difference between a Training Seminar and a Marketing Event? Who is responsible to sell? Or better yet, who is expected to sell your products and services?

In reality, ‘Communications’ areas often overlap, especially in a small-to-medium business. Many times your staff, regardless of their role or responsibility, must wear multiple ‘hats’. You need everyone representing, selling and at least marketing the company, the brand, the products and services.

How do you do that quickly, effectively and efficiently? That is where we come in.

The owner/founder of Cauley and Associates having worn many ‘hats’ in communication intensive roles, brings a multi-disciplinary expertise and perspective to the table. Understanding the spectrum of messaging, motivation and persuasion allows the development of audience-driven communications material that compel the audience to act on a call-to-action.

Here is an overview of some of the services we offer:

Enabling Organization Change/Awareness Marketing Enabling change in a company or taking new technology or methods to market is no easy task. We subscribe to many of the ideas and concepts of Prosci’s ADKAR® model for Culture Change Management. Their model describes the stages in accepting change: Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability & Reinforcement. Using a model like this allows the discussion and exploration of where you are in the change process, what needs to occur and who needs to be involved.

Training Design and Delivery Part of enabling change is providing training to give staff and management the knowledge and ability to implement the new process, procedure, tool or idea. Combining a Training Consultant with a SME (subject matter expert) will leverage the expertise of each.  Designing compelling “training that sticks” is where we excel.

Staff, Sales and Channel Enablement Entice your sales ‘team’ to sell your new product/technology by providing them with knowledge to making them informed, conversational and motivated. Take that passion to the next level by providing support and tactical resources for the next sales steps. This is not just a series of seminars, it is system to determine and highlight the most important, strategic information for your products in your market place. Proven to accelerate the sales cycle by reducing effort and compressing the timeline to a sale, this system will have an impact on your bottom-line.

Communication Coaching for Entrepreneurs: You have a successful book or online business and now you want to take your ‘show on the road’ and deliver in-person or online seminars. Hiring a coach, will allow you to create and deliver training material efficiently and effectively.  Understanding ‘insider secrets’ or ‘tricks of the trade’ will save you time, effort and money. In addition, soliciting the right feedback will help you improve and market your session.

The approach Cauley and Associates employs is to work smarter: be more effective and efficient. We embrace the design points of ‘Sustainable’ communications:

  • Leveraging people and reusing existing resources,
  • Reaching and building awareness in companies and communities,
  • Making responsible, pragmatic choices along the way.

Don’t let traditional boundaries get in the way of producing ‘Sustainable’ Communications.

If these services sound interesting, or if you have any other communications needs, let’s connect via email: