Hello & Welcome.

I was thrilled that Joel Mark Witt asked me to write a guest post for his FolkMedia site. (His site has tons of great material and he always provides value with his content.)

So, here’s what you need to know about me and this Blog.

I have a background in Sales, Training, Communications, HR & Development. (Yes, that is a mouthful.) I LOVE to simplify things and express complex thoughts so that they can easily be understood by someone that is new to teaching/training.  I’m taking some of my best intellectual capital regarding training and sharing it with you.

A Quick Start if you are NEW to Teaching/Training

In case this is the first time you’ve been to my blog, I’ve organized my material in pages that try to put some context around related articles.

1. New to Teaching? Find out about the one silver bullet for being a good teacher/trainer. Be advised of the advantages and challenges you will have if you are a Subject Matter Expert (SME).

2. The Material Students Leave with and Reference on the job (Performance Support) – Its all about CHEATING! Another silver bullet… Cheat your way to success.

3. Survival Tips for Team Teaching – Flourish like a Pirate! Find out the secrets to surviving when you aren’t the only one running ‘the show’.

If you are curious about my trials and tribulations with Social Media then check out New to Social Media? Just promise not to laugh!

A Few Favourites..To Get to Know Me

Here are a few of my personal favourite blog posts:

Enough about me…

I’m Looking Forward to getting to know You!

If you have a sec, please leave me a comment about what your primary teaching/training challenge is… I’ll try to address it in the upcoming weeks.

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Thanks for stopping by.

~ Anne