I promised to share my Social Media strategy with you. Firstly, you need to understand that with Social Media, it is not a campaign, it is a commitment. You can’t just start with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, your Blog… and think that this is a marketing campaign with a set start and finish date. It doesn’t work like that!  You will need a strategy to build your image/brand and keep it fresh, current and in everyone’s mind.

However, if we step back a step, you may be wondering why am I trying to leverage Social Media? My intent is harness Social Media to establish an online presence with a secondary objective to learn about Social Media and to understand what the impact could/would be on a business.

For each type of Social Media that I’m leveraging I am considering the different Social Media aspects:  listen, create & collaborate. I am also trying to develop my personal “brand” (name, image, etc).

Here’s a high level view on the technologies I’ve selected and how I have started:

My strategy for LinkedIn is to listen to weekly updates from colleagues & groups, create status updates to keep in touch (and in people’s minds) & start to collaborate by contributing to group discussions.  My key objective is to professionally network and to establish myself in professional communities (i.e. groups).

My Facebook strategy includes establishing a page for my business and setting up an automatic feed from my blog (so I only have to update my blog in one spot). In addition, I plan on listening to others and businesses to see how they leverage the “news” and other Facebook features.  I am going to limit my creation of content on my personal wall, as my focus is figuring how to leverage Facebook for a business.

I’ve set up my Blog to be my “home base”. I’ll post content to share and will attempt to get into “collaboration” by asking others to comment, vote, etc. I am considering adding internet marketing tactics/techniques such as affiliate marketing, etc. However, to be very honest with you, I am concerned about keeping a very graphically appealing image/brand.

That’s a high level summary of what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. From time to time I’ll report on what I’ve learned under the banner of my Social Media “Experience”.  I hope you enjoy my journey!