So you are new to teaching, are you? OR you are a professional who occasionally teaches/trains.

You are a subject matter expert (SME) who may be involved in marketing your expertise over the internet. You are probably an accomplished speaker and an authority in your profession. Now that your business is growing you want to expand your consulting (or information products) by offering courses and seminars: either live or on the internet. However, you are probably not a professionally trained instructor or trainer AND you have no background in course or instructional design.

How to DEVELOP and DELIVER Instructional Material

To get you started, I’ve written a series of posts to give you some background concepts and ideas that were inspired by discussions with a group of training experts. This series was designed to give you an appreciation of the difficulties you will face as well as the distinct advantages you have.

While some of the principles that are outlined can be applied immediately, others will need more context and instruction. Those discussions will come.

Let’s get started:

    1. Can you teach like a trained Professional? The ONE and ONLY Question.
    2. Advantage WHO? Subject Matter Expert or Expert Trainer?
    3. (Training) Design to Illuminate
    4. Trainers and Subject Matter Experts: The Perfect Partnership