You’ve taken some great training: there were great slides, videos and exercises. You understood it all. BUT back at the office all you had was a deadline and a stack of notes.  You want to implement the change… but the clock is ticking… and what happens?

You revert back to the old way of doing things!

Find out how ‘cheating’ can help you design your sessions to increase learning effectiveness and to avoid such a scenario: Cheating: Your Secret Weapon to Learning Effectiveness.

For our purposes I am simplifying the types of performance support material and suggesting that you develop pragmatic material for your business or clients. ‘Cheat sheets’, can be an effective tool for both the attendee (as a performance aid) and the teacher/trainer (when both designing and delivering a session).

So, how do you design good ‘cheat sheets’? Just like bloggers think of themselves as reporters, if you are an instructor or an aspiring instructor, then think of yourself as a CHEF.  The THREE Design points to make you successful are outlined in Cheat by Design: A Recipe for Success

As an instructor, your goal is to motivate and enable your attendees to perform back on-the-job.  By combining the wisdom of the famous with a few simple hints to follow, your cheat sheets can be developed to accelerate the application of your training. Find how to design your cheat sheets in Cheating on-the-job Made Easy: Just KISS!

Some times the simplest things, like cheat sheets, can make a world of difference.

Let me know how your cheating is going. 🙂